Medical Chair 3.s

Inspired by Tadashi Kaneko, a well known celebrity sports instructor.

Tadashi Kaneko is a charismatic well known stretching instructor from Japan. Tadashi owns and operates seven "SSS" stretching and exercise gyms and is also a professional kickboxer (ranked N0. 2 featherweight in Japan) . He enthusiastically instructs his clients at various levels from professional and amateur athletes, professional dancers, entertainers, models, to ordinary people.

Tadashi Kaneko
Sports Stretching Instuctor
President, SSS GROUP JAPAN Co Ltd.
Born in Ibaraki, 1971. For further information about him, please visit his official blog.

Massage and Unique Stretch

A new idea to improve your BISHIRYOKU (power of beautiful posture)

medical chair 3 s massage


First the 3S will warm up the body in preperation for professional stretching.


FS-Stretching is a new and unique approach to supporting a beautiful posture. This is achieved by the backbone forming into a perfect S-curve. The stretching angle and twisting works the inner abdominal muscles enhancing abdominal flexibility. Deep breathing is induced by pushing up the back, so that the diaphragm can be stretched.


Improve your “bishiryoku” achieving S-line with the 3S massage chair, incorporating Tadashi Kaneko’s S-stretching theory.

Detecting shiatsu points throughout the body and understanding effective massage points

Shiatsu points are automatically found by optical sensors according to the user’s body shape.

This unique technology is able to locate Shiatsu points using optical sensors. Finding the Shiatsu points creates a more effective and personalised massage. Aches and pains can be effectively relieved by a perfect massage with a system developed through experience and technology.


Embrace Massage

Enables a deeper massage with a firm embrace from the shoulders to the upper arms. Massages to penetrate aches and pains with running rollers while firmly embracing with airbags.


Healthcare Programs

Automatic programs of massage flows created by professional massage theory. The programmed theory of therapy provided by professional massagers realises fine massage according to the user’s symptons.


Four Seesaw Type Running Rollers & Ultra Slow System

Relieves excess stimulation and lumpy feeling, and realises firm massage nearly equal to professional massage techniques. Body pressure is distributed at four points to relieve unpleasant lumpy feeling. Also, the ultra slow system moves so slowly that it nearly comes to a stop, it realises a firm massage.


3D Push-Out Mechanism

Adjusts the intensity with air specific flexibility, and perfects a steady massage feeling. Running rollers pushed out by airbags move in three dimensions to fit the body. Penetrates aches and pains.

Select from 2 colours to match your room interior

3s chair


3s cream chair