Dreamwave - The best Massage Chair

Comes with five first functions, including:

Shugi (Therapist’s Touch) Function, Full Arm Massage Function, New Dreamwave Function and Youth Program for users age 14 and up.

Experience the new massage chair that wraps your entire body in it’s functional design.


Japan's first massage chair for a new era. Made to accentuate your interior, the multi-functional INADA DREAMWAVE elimiates the hulking image of other chairs, instead showing sleek lines, a compact form and colourful and elegant design.

INADA products are new chairs for a new era, built for everyone in the family across generations.

dreamwave design

New Features


Shugi (Therapist's Touch) Function (neck and shoulders)

The Shiatsu Pull-Kneading Air System is the world's first function to combine neck and shoulder treatment. The system lifts up the neck from both sides, after which air pads embedded in the unit apply Shiatsu pressure in a downwards direction giving gentle traction. This relieves stiffness from lack of exercise or staying too long in the same position.


Full Arm massage Function

Provides the world's first "full arm" air massage unit. Twenty air cells work on the upper arm, forearm and fingertips, providing thorough kneading from shoulder joints to fingertips. Experience a gentle kneading massage with your arms and shoulders wrapped in adjustable side body units, this allows the chair width to be adjusted to fit every body size so that a customised massage can be done.


Full Body Stretch Function

Stretching at a new level. A program to stretch muscles that get little use in daily life, this function lets you stretch by bending the upper body backward, making you feel as if you were stretching form head to toe.


Dreamwave Technology

The new DREAMWAVE function mimics the actions of a professional massage therapist's after treatment. The new side press units push right up against the pelvis and works with the air cells in the seat to give a massage with a swaying sensation. This program is designed to help you feel even more relaxed after your massage.


Youth Program

This new program is for young people aged 14 and up, the second stage of growth. The reclining angle is automatically set to enable young people to ease stiffness and recover from the fatique of modern life. This program gives a less stimulating massage, creating a gentle sensation to reduce the stress on young people's bodies. Ideal for older people as well.

dreamwave design

Healthcare Programs

A professional massage therapist uses his techniques not only on parts of the body showing symptoms, but searches for effective points to massage all over the body. INADA DREAMWAVE'S Healthcare Programs are the result of studying and incorporating this approach. Healthcare programs can easily be activated from the remote control.

dreamwave remote

Treatment Range

The Shiatsu rollers move approximately 72cm up and down, with the top roller moving approximately 5-19cm side to side and the bottom roller approx. 9-16cm side to side, providing an exacting and effective treatment to muscles and Shiatsu points. It provides over 7,700 square centimetres of massage coverage; more than any other massage chair in the world and cradles your entire body in smoothing, quiet, shiatsu relief.

dreamwave rollers
dreamwave diagram

Though the location of Shiatsu points varies by body type, this feature uses state-of-the-art optical sensors to automatically find them. Finding the Shiatsu points creates effective and personalised massage.

Colour Variations

dreamwave colour variations

Beige (CW)

Black (HD)

Relieving daily fatigue

dreamwave diagram 1

The basic program to relieve fatigue with a full body massage using shiatsu rollers and air accupressure.

For people who prefer a softer massage

dreamwave diagram 2

A full body massage using air accupressure only (no shiatsu rollers). This is recommended for the comfort of those who do not like mechanical massage.

To stretch without straining

dreamwave diagram

A world first! This program stretches the spinal column with a full-body stretch function. Recommended for people wanting to feel refreshed.

For relaxation


This program is recommended for those who want to relax. Using this program after any massage program or function regulates muscle balance.

For people who prefer a softer massage

dreamwave diagram

This low-stimulus massage program eases muscle stiffness and relieves fatique of young people living in modern times without putting strain on the body.

For quick recovery from fatigue


Quick (approx 8min)

This program provides a quick healing massage for those with little time in the morning or evening and those who just want to take a few minutes to relax.

Invigorating massage


Morning (approx 15min)

This program uses centripetal massage - a technique that moves toward the centre. It is recommended for people who have difficulty waking up in the morning or are still tired from the day before.

To recover from the fatigue of the day.


Night (approx 15min)

This program uses centrifugal massage - a technique that moves away from the centre. It is recommended to ease the fatigue and tension of the day before sleeping.