Newly Developed AI Stick + AI Massage Mechanism

AI Stick & AI Massage Mechanism

It’s like a magical stick,with sensory operations to give you the massage you want

The points and intensity of the body stiffness differ from person to person.
Equipped with an AI stick that fine-tunes the AI massage mechanism to move just a tad one way or another, to move just a little up or down and to make fine adjustments to the strength, allowing you to get the massage that suits you best.

AI Sole Mechanism

AI Sole Massage Mechanism

AI sole mechanism promotes blood circulation throughout the whole body

In addition to the compression effect of conventional air massage, “AI sole mechanism,” a new technology equipped with protrusions that directly stimulate foot pressure points (Yusen and Sokushin), promotes blood circulation from the feet to the whole body.

Calabo foot massage unit


These are pressure points at the top of the soles of your feet. Applying pressure to them offers you a pleasant experience and this treatment is popular among women.
These are said to be very important pressure points in the sense that our life energy springs forth from this part of our body.


These are pressure points at the centres of the soles of your feet. Applying pressure to them can revitalize our kidneys, can relieve tension in the body, and improve our physical and mental states.

Visiting Professor of Kansai University of Health Sciences

Massage SupervisorMr. Hideyo Matsuura

Director of Matsuura Acupuncture Clinic and Visiting Professor of Kansai University of Health Sciences.
Mr. Matsuura has been a leader in field of acupuncture for more than 40 years. He is also highly trusted by top athletes and has a high reputation as one of Japan’s leading therapists. Mr. Matsuura is also known as the “therapist with the hand of God.”

Program Menu

Calabo’s Newly Developed Massage Program

Supports a healthy life by offering 6 massage programs with consideration to the best kneading comfort and health maintenance.

Calabo remote control


Approach to good posture to create good health

This is the Family Inada’s unique program for stretch focused on “posture” and focuses on intentionally stretching your abdominal muscles and your entire back to increase your body’s flexibility and balance.


Sole refreshment

In addition to the conventional air massage, the newly developed AI sole mechanism stimulates the pressure points of your feet by pushing in three-dimensional movements, and helps you to approach good health from the soles of your feet.


Defence body

This newly developed health maintenance program focuses on promoting blood and lymphatic flows.
This promotes recovery from fatigue and helps to relieve fatigue and stress.


Activity body

This newly developed physical conditioning program promotes blood circulation throughout the entire body, and quickly activates your body. This supports to motivate you and bring you vitality.

Designer Inada Chair

Designed to fit any interior by an interior designer

“I want an authentic massage machine, but I want it to match the interior of my room…”
We focused on attaining a furniture-like design including its colors, fabrics, and forms and the like to fit living spaces.
Starting today, your home is your relaxation salon no matter what your lifestyle is like.

Design Supervisor Ms. Tomoko Ikegai

Established ikg inc. in 2006 after working in an architectural design office.Has been involved in the design of commercial facilities such as “Futako Tamagawa Tsutaya Electrics” and “B&B ITALIA TOKYO” and residential designs. Winner of countless awards in Japan and around the world.

Overwhelming space-saving design with authentic massage functions that utilizes space

In response to concerns such as “wanting an authentic massage function, but not having much available space in the room,” or that “the massage chair is too large to be moved or installed,” we have attained a compact space design of the smallest class for our authentic massage machine.

Calabo in room with a women
Product Name AI Inada Chair CALABO HCP-AIC100
Color Beige (CW)/Grey (HD)
Exterior Fabric Synthetic Fiber
No. of Automatic Programs 6 Programs
Full Body Program, Sole Refreshment Program, Neck/Shoulder Program, Program for Stretch for Posture, Defence Body Program, Activity Body Program
No. of Preferred Programs 3 Programs
<Upper Body> Kneading, Kneading and Tapping, Air
<Lower Body> Sole Kneading, Air
<Roller/Shiatsu> Full Body, Shiatsu
Main Unit Dimensions Width Approx. 85 cm (33 inch.) x Depth Approx. 119 (175) cm (47 (69) inch.) x Height Approx. 120 (72) cm (47 (28) inch.) Numbers in parentheses for depth and height are when the chair is in maximum recline.
Reclining Angle Stepless (electric motor reclining) from approximately 110° to approximately 165° relative to the horizontal plane
Weight Approx. 63 kg (139 lbs.)
Heater Yes