Inada i.12 massage chair

Better than ever comfort and quality of massage - with new "12 Acupoint" roller

Acupuncture is a time-honoured treatment that has been used for thousands of years to promote healing and help recovery. The i.12 has been produced with this in mind.

Inada massage chairs are designed to combine luxury and quality so that you can enjoy the health benefits of a massage with the comfort of being in your own home, all available at your convenience. Inada uses 54 years of experience to achieve this ultimate goal.

The most important feature of all Inada massage chairs - the smart optical detection system

The smart optical detection system locates acupoints and treats them. Locating the acupoints in this way enables the chair to provide a specific massage according to the body shape.


Deep massage of trapezius

The chair massages along the trapezius, while avoiding the scapula, enabling treatment to parts of the trapezius which is prone to soreness and fatigue.


Relaxing the neck through massage

The chair relaxes the Tain zhu and Fend chi (wind pool) points by using effective techniques to alleviate stiffness and soreness.


Neck and shoulder massage

The chair provides deep massage of the shoulder well where fatigue easily accumulates. Precise massage will alleviate tension and soreness.


Squeezing the pelvis to relax muscles

The chair provides a wrapping massage from the waist down to under the hip, eradicating aches and tenderness around the pelvis through effective massage movement.


Deep massage of the lower back

The chair gives a long range of treatment, deeply massaging the muscles around the hip and relaxing every muscle between the waist and the pelvis.

Inada - World leaders in massage technology


New Roller with "12 Acupoints"

The chair is designed with comfort in mind. Inada pursues a philosophy of quality in detail, therefore a mere touch is an excellent representation of its maximum comfort.

The new "12 Acupoint" rollers are designed to strengthen the overall feeling of acupressure. The Acupoints are the same size as an actual thumb.

Four roller see-saw with ultra slow system

Developed to give a comfortable and stimulating roller massage by breaking down body pressure to four points. Slow movements with brief pauses imitate those of a professional masseur and can relieve severe fatigue.

Massage of legs and feet

The chair's airbags which cover the legs from the calves to the soles of the feet, can ease soreness. At the same time acupressure pads are used to stimulate the soles of the feet so as to provide a strong and deep massage.

Automation of the massage is programed using professional massage theory

Professional masseurs will schedule treatment using massage theory according to each symptom and perform detailed massage procedures to each person according to their symptoms.


Available in the following colours