Inada Robo - The successor to Dreamwave

The latest Japanese massage chair from Family Inada.

After the massive success of the Dreamwave chair Family Inada took many lessons from creating it and put that knowledge into the Therapina Robo.

Featuring a brand new patented AI sytem that recognises each user with facial recognition, and massaging mechanisms designed and tested to surpass human hands.


Surpasses human hands

A hybrid of the mechanical and AI with second finger joints that realizes "massage comfort"

The ultimate goal of a massage chair is to catch up with and surpass professional human massage techniques. In order to realize this, there is a need to reproduce the movements of human hands and surpass human massage techniques. In pursuit of "massage comfort that surpasses human hands," FAMILY INADA started learning from human beings at an early stage and continued research on the movement of human hands, finally succeeding in the development of a mechanism having first and second finger joints.

What is required next is the rhythm of movement. When a professional massage practitioner performs a massage, the rhythm varies according to muscle stiffness and difference in physical constitution and the massage is performed on those having stiff muscles and not just in a strong manner but deeply and slowly, and once unstiffened, changing to rhythmic movements.

Like with any industry, there are good professional massage practitioners and poor ones, and this difference is due to technique. While humans can control their hand movements by their intelligence, our massage robots can master and reproduce subtle movements as if professional massage practitioner is performing a massage with a hybrid of "mechanism reproducing hands" and "AI" to realize comfort and a soothing feeling just like human hands.



Five Finger Kneading Massage

Air cells gently hold forearms to unstiffen the entire arm.

Massage in three-dimensional motion like human hands.

Three-dimensional movement is enabled by a combination of the mechanism and AI that extends to the second finger joints. The entire arm will experience comfort by “kneading massage” through the AI hybrid mechanism as if massaged by human hands.

The mechanism moves at a maximum stroke of approx. 17 cm so that shiatsu points can be massaged regardless of height difference.

Your choice of strength with the AI hybrid double mechanism + pressure sensors

The AI hybrid double mechanism equipped with independent motors and intensity features, which also includes pressure sensors on the reverse sides of the air cells, enables a massage by the amount of pressure with greater force in parts according to body type and depending on preference.

Left-right independent holding massage
Hamstrings (biceps femoris muscle, semimembranosus muscle, semitendinosus muscle, etc.,) are unstiffened by two-finger kneading massage.

Gluteus maximus compression massage
The rollers reach deeply in the area of the buttocks and unstiffen the piriformis muscles in the areas of the gluteus maximus muscles and sciatic nerve.

The back surfaces of the buttocks and thighs are massaged by the artificial intelligence mechanism and air.

By stereoscopically massaging the pelvis and around the buttocks, the muscles outside of the thighs and the lymph nodes of the inner thighs are unstiffened. With the air cells placed on the seat surface and the air cells for the calves in synchronization, the reverse sides of the thighs are pushed up and stretched as the reverse sides of the knees are stretched out.

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