inada yumerobo massage chair

yUMEROBO (Dream Robot) Chair

From Massage Chair to Holistic Chair

yUMEROBO offers a holistic massage so extraordinary that it transcends all common expectations of a massage chair. Experience unsurpassed relaxation that renews and refreshes the entire mind and body. Discover balance, harmony and new vitality. Be happier, healthier and more productive with yUMEROBO, our meticulously crafted and most advanced full-body massage experience.

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The movement of the massage rollers is so accurate and precise it reaches every square inch of your back. This combines with "never before seen" technology for leg and neck stretching to create a whole body massage identical to the human hand.


Experience a dream sensation akin to gently rocking a baby in a cradle. Deeper mental healing is achieved by the more natural and soothing "1/f fluctuation" operation of the chair.

Designed by Toshiyuki Kita, a leading industrial designer, to heal your body, mind and spirit; this is yUMEROBO (Dream Robot).

What makes your yUMEROBO so unique

Beginning with the development of yUMEROBO we posed this question. The answer... forget about the luxury chair, the development of new advanced leads us to the "rocking chair". Our fully automatic rocking mechanism makes you feel like a baby in a cradle and this gentle rocking enriches the soul

The First in the Industry: Rocking Function

Rocking chairs became popular in the U.S. in the 18th century, then the idea began to spread around the world and rocking chairs became synonymous with relaxation and leisure. Whilst in pursuit of relaxation technology, Inada has developed an "industry first"... the fully automatic rocking chair.

This principle of combining a rocking motion and a massage chair can adjust the regular and irregular rhythms of your body. The rhythm of a rocking chair is a 1/f fluctuation movement. These rhythms are the same as the running water of a stream or of the morning bird song. We feel good because of this 1/f rhythm which operates on the same frequency as the human body. We are proud to introduce the

marriage of the rocking chair and the massage chair to enhance our pursuit of real relaxation. Escape from your everyday life and spend some slow-paced time together with yUMEROBO.

yume remote
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yume remote

Standard performance of Inada Massage system

The first in the industry: Neck Stretch Pillow


yUMEROBO provides not only Kneading and Shiatsu but a Twist and Stretch action for the neck. This massage action is much closer to the professional massage technique.

The first in the industry: Rotary Massage Function


Equipped with a new function for the calves, with a stretching effect that combines both mechanical and air action to give a completely new "never before experienced" type of massage.

Continued improvement of existing Inada technology

Stretch Motion


Entire Body Stretch

A combination of massage rollers and reclining motion enables and entire body stretch.


Hip Twist

Air bags in the seat enables improved hip twist

Wide array of massage technique


Finger Pressure (SHIATSU)

By removing the neck cushion the massage rollers can directly massage the neck shiatsu points using “full finger” pressure


Shoulder Pull Massage

While avoiding the scapula and the shoulder pull points, the stiff parts of the back and shoulders are deeply massaged.


Deep Hip Massage

The whole hip and waist area down to the tailbone will be widely massaged.


Automated Optical Sensor System

The Optical Sensor will automatically detect Shiatsu points, which vary by individual body type, to create the most effective and personalised massage.


Medical Programs

Preset programs allow you to select the optimal course, while the manual selection mode allows you to combine functions to suit your particular needs.

4 Ball Seesaw Roller Mechanism and Ultra Slow system.

Gives a softer massage feeling with modulated performance.


Product Name - Family Inada Chair YUMEROBO HCP-R100

Power Supply - AC 220-240V-50-60HZ

Power Consumption - 110W

Auto Timer - Approximately 15 minutes (varies in automatic programs)

Medical Licence Number - 312B2x00003

Certificate Number - 222ADBZX00005000


Power Cable, Buffer Pad (thick), Buffer Pad (thin),

Finger Pressure Pads A/B: 2 pcs each,

Finger Pressure Sheet x 2pc

Finger Pressure Sheet x 2pcs

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Colour Variation

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